Sofia Klass

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A Los Angeles native and graduate of UCLA’s Dance/ World Arts and Cultures program, Sofia has performed for Invertigo Dance Theatre since 2008 and has been the company’s manager since 2010.

Sofia has worked with other artists such as In/Ex Dance Company, Gillian McGinty, Jeremy Hahn, Sarita Moore, Esther Baker-Tarpaga and Kinglsey Irons.  Her passion for travel has led her to dance in many places such as Senegal, Amsterdam, New York, Chile, and Israel.  During her time in Chile, she taught as a guest professor in choreography at the Universidad Mayor.

Since 2009 Sofia has been a guest choreographer for Invertigo. She has worked on Invertigo's Reeling, as choreographers assistant. Her piece Falling for Feathers was commissioned in 2011 as was performed throughout Los Angeles. Her work is often inspired by nature and the relationship that we as humans have to it.

As a teacher, Sofia works for Invertigo’s Dancing through Parkinson’s Program and has taught for the InvertED program at Inner City Arts. Outside of Invertigo, she teaches Pilates and Yoga classes. Her website is:

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