Invert/ED Residency: Ms. Sadie's Class Stats

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Ms. Sadie's Class Stats
Date =  Thursday, April 17th, 2014
Theme = Shapes

# of Students per class: approx. 27

# of Students total: approx. 102

# of Teachers = 4

# of Substitute Teachers = 1

# of minutes spent dancing = 180

# of times I was called Ms. Sophie = 2

# of tears shed = 5 (he got very upset that he didn't have time to show off his moves)

# of hugs I received = 17

# of roofs raised = approx. 404

# of classes it took Ms. Sadie to lose her voice = 2 (laryngitis was making shapes in my throat)

Average number of smiles per class = 93

Average number of shapes made per person = 25

Average pronunciation of the word axial = a-cil

Most challenging shape to make = twisted octagon

Favorite level to make a shape on: Low

Favorite cool-down exercise: Rhythm circle

Most successful calming exercise = Brain breathing

Most effective attention grabber = "If you can here my voice clap twice"

Most memorable quotes: "This is the best day ever", "I want to be the shape of an icicle", 
     "Look, I'm a banana"!

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Invert/ED is Invertigo's education program.  We are currently working on a 10-week residency with 4 first-grade classes through the wonderful Music Center Education Program.  More information on Invert/ED can be found here.