PHOTOS: Feste's Dream

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We had a photoshoot with Joe Lambie a few weeks ago - Hyosun, Alex, Cody and me.  We'd already intertwined together, trashed a bunch of 40 red roses and created a bunch of cool shots.  We were moving into the next "look" of the shoot, and I drew a blank about where to direct us thematically.  "I dunno, you guys.  The costume boxes are out there, but I'm not sure what I want.  I mean, I have 3 pairs of blue feathered eyelashes.  Would that be interesting for you?"  It was like 3 sassy prairie dogs turning their heads in an emphatic YES.

Alex styled the costumes out of blue table clothes and a white tutu.  I directed the dancers into exaggerated angular choreography and we started to create the beginnings of a new piece, "Feste's Dream".  Joe shot with his usual sensitivity to the dancers' timing and created the dreamy blue-tinged lighting effect.

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