Company Classes

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Invertigo offers master classes or a series of workshops taught by Artistic Director Laura Karlin. Classes can be designed for beginning, intermediate, pre-professional and professional levels.

Classes include:

  • warm-up and contemporary technique
  • combinations that emphasise physically challenging, emotionally engaging movement
  • theatrical and kinetic improvisation
  • company repertory
  • partnering work, including sensitivity, basing/flying and theatrical interplay
  • group-work including lifts, launches, flies and catches
  • the distinctly collaborative process that Invertigo uses to build work

Laura teaches to the dancers in the room, finding ways to challenge but also to bring out the strengths of each dancer. She creates a community within the class to foster a sense of trust and to open participants up to risk-taking.

Past participants describe classes as “inspiring,” “challenging but nurturing,” and “a warm culture that brings out the best in body and spirit.”