Mission Statement

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Invertigo Dance Theatre is an institution at the forefront of Los Angeles dance, connecting people to story and community through a blend of dynamic contemporary movement and compelling theatre.

Our Vision
We see Invertigo as a leading Los Angeles dance company, sharing inspiring engagement programming and dance theatre performances of the highest caliber with the broadest audience possible-- in Los Angeles and beyond. We envision our community as one where people of all ages and abilities enjoy the many benefits of dance and storytelling, through participatory experiences and Invertigo’s original works.


“I believe in wit, playfulness, intense physicality, and theatricality. I like to twist up ideas and images, and allow seemingly unrelated elements to give one another new dimensions.

I work with a diverse range of subjects and music, and like to create strong, memorable imagery. Inspiration for movement ranges from contemporary techniques, dance theatre, Kathak, West-African, salsa, tango, capoeira, and contact improvisation, as well as everyday observations and gestures.

I especially like surreal imagery, captivating moments, momentum, spirals, floorwork, character development, and interesting parntering.

I’ve been inspired by working as a choreographer, dancer and teacher in the growing dance scene in Los Angeles. My work in London and experience in European dance theatre allows me to bring a new edge to contemporary dance in Los Angeles.”

Laura Karlin, Artistic Director