Dreams of Grandeur

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Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin and Sofia Klass, in collaboration with the performers and the audience
Danced by: 
Hannah Blume, Kevin Scott Cannon, Hyosun Choi, Louie Cornejo, Jeremy Hahn, Corina Kinnear, Sofia Klass, Irene Kleinbauer, Jodie Mashburn, Sadie Yarrington
Music by: 
Toby Karlin, Carl Catron, Rhythm Luna, Diana Lynn Wallace
Costume Design: 
Kate Bishop

With 10 dancers and 4 musicians, Invertigo takes over a space, creating a playful dance that transforms the area from a series of untouchable or transient spaces into a richly interactive experience.  We shake up people’s routines by injecting magic into the space.

Dreams of Grandeur begins at the top of a space, and cascades throughout it. Dancers slowly waltz on stairways, steal apples from innocent bystanders, frolick in a fountain and create a Mad Hatter's Banquet.

"I throughly enjoyed your group's performance today.  It was clever, well executed and just delightful.  I hope you will be back. I told all my co-workers what they missed. Thank you for brightening my day." - Virginia, audience member