Give Me Wings

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Invertigo Dance Theatre, Give Me Wings, Los Angeles contemporary dance company, behind the scenes, whimsical dance
Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin in collaboration with the dancers
Danced by: 
Hannah Louise Beavers, Carole Biers, Louie Cornejo, F. Nicholas Factoran, Laura Karlin, Sofia Klass, Jodie Mashburn, Chris Smith, Kim Thompson
Music by: 
Toby Karlin
Costume Design: 
Kate Bishop

Stage wings are an in-between space, a place of transitions, not quite onstage, not quite offstage. They are a place for entrances and exits, arrivals and departures.  In Give Me Wings, the audience is shown both the Onstage and the Offstage experiences that dancers have.

The 1st section sees the stage divided like an MC Escher picture, with dancers moving between Onstage and Offstage.  In the 2nd section, we plunge into the Offstage world, witnessing elation, desperate humiliation, warm-up rituals and the unexpected involvement of the stage manager.  In the 3rd, Onstage section, the dancers come soaring, wandering, bursting onto the stage, aided by trampolines hidden in the wings.

““A crowd favorite . . . a humorous romp through uncharted territory. . . sheer delight.” – Explore Dance

Invertigo was honored and excited to present this work at Celebrate Dance 2012, at the Alex Theatre in Glendale!  We premiered a new work called GIVE ME WINGS to a sold-out crowd of 1200, huge applause and rave reviews.

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(Of the Explore Dance interview, one Invertigo fan had this to say: "The interview blew me away. Laura’s responses to the questions were so impressive, professional and philosophical.")

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Look + Feel:  Delightful, high energy, thoughtful, voyeuristic, bright.

Appropriate for proscenium stages
Run Time: 14 minutes
Cast: 9 dancers