Interior Design

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Interior Design, Invertigo Dance Theatre
Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin, with the dancers
Danced by: 
Jonathan Bryant, Hyosun Choi
Music by: 
Eric Mason

Interior Design is a dance theatre work based on the double-meaning of the title phrase. How do we design and inhabit our living space, and how do we design our own internal spaces?

A couple moves into a new space together, and the process is hilarious, strange and intimate. They navigate nosy neighbors, profound loss, inside jokes, and a sea of boxes.

The piece premiered at the Seattle International Dance Festival in June 2017.  Available for touring.

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“Through the wonderful performances of Jonathan Bryant and Hyosun Choi, Karlin artfully takes on bigotry, loss and love.” - Jeff Slayton, Bachtrack

“Invertigo Dance Theatre — masters of storytelling through dance” - Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

By turns comic, lyrical, and tragic, the duo glided smoothly from lightness to Choi’s painfully dark solo, and then to a wiser, warmer place.” - Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

“Let choreographer Laura Karlin decorate your home” -  Debra Levine, Arts Meme

“A high point of the fun opening night of the Los Angeles Dance Festival last weekend... Karlin’s piece created a home within a home... Karlin shows confident facility in keeping this domestic drama advancing” -  Debra Levine, Arts Meme

“The movement and choreography were phenomenal, and there was much humor involved.”  - Karen Salkin,

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