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Invertigo Dance Theatre, Q&A, Los Angeles contemporary dance, dance theater
Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin with the dancers
Danced by: 
Hannah Rutherford, F. Nicholas Factoran, Laura Karlin, Michael Nickerson-Rossi
Music by: 
Deaf Center

Q&A is set at the end of a fictitious dance show.  We’ve all heard choreographers try to explain their work after a performance, and the dynamics between artist and audience can produce tender, hostile, absurd and illuminating results.  What happens when the Question and Answer session goes very, very wrong?  Four choreographer-characters struggle to articulate their vision and inspiration, in a piece that is both funny and moving.

Appropriate for proscenium and black box stages
Run Time: 16 minutes
Cast: 4 dance artists + the rest of the company or guest performers from the community