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Reeling, Invertigo Dance Theatre
Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin, with the dancers
Danced by: 
Jonathan Bryant, Hyosun Choi, Louie Cornejo, Jessica Dunn, Sofia Klass, Irene Kleinbauer, Alex Malachi Middleton, Sadie Yarrington
Costume Design: 
Kate Bishop
Set Design: 
John Burton


a blend of dance, theatre, precisely choreographed tequila shots,
opulent karaoke fantasies and a goldfish. . .

Reeling is an hour-long dance theatre work set in a bar. Eight lonely-hearts search for connection through the hazy sea of a night out. Where the dive bar acts as a literal platform for dancers to hurl themselves off, Reeling examines blurred boundaries between fun and violence, spectator and performer, longing and sensuality.

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"For all the wild flash of the dancing, Karlin’s always making story; and her dancers are always showing us characters we connect to, care for." - Theatre Ghost

"Reeling portrays life so beautifully, honestly, tragically and humorously." - SeeDance

"The fanciful dynamics and familiar scenery are entry points for dramatizing universal themes of love, rejection and desire." - The Argonaut

"Reeling is dance theater at its finest. Inventive, sensual, hilarious, and interactive, you just plain haven’t seen this before." - Diversions LA

"Invertigo Dance Theatre has made a name for itself by re-defining how people experience dance." - Culture Spot LA

"Invertigo is a master of the theatrical surprise, and Reeling does not disappoint." - ArtsBeatLA

“If you’ve ever had a bad night at a bar, you’d appreciate Invertigo Dance Theatre’s “Reeling”, a show that busts open a night of meeting, drinking, dancing and karaoke to reveal desperate desires for connection. While eight lonely hearts mingle at the onstage bar...their longings are thwarted by fears, jealousies, violence and insecurities sometimes amplified, sometimes masked, by the ever-growing influence of alcohol. Invertigo director Laura Karlin tosses in just enough accurately ridiculous elements of the party scene...” – Anna Reed, Dance in LA

A mesmeric exposé of sex and violence” - DanceHelp

“Invertigo company members flesh out endearing, compelling and unique characters” - Dance in LA

"This company provides a memorable, cultural and original event that is not only highly entertaining but inspiring and thought provoking." - DanceHelp


FAQ: Is Reeling appropriate for kids?

Reeling is set in a bar and, as such, the characters consume alcohol.  As in reality, our characters each react in their own way to the libations.  There is flirting, but not overt sexuality.  A few curse words are spoken, but there is no explicit violence.  We view the act of consuming alcohol to be part of the context and setting, like barstools and wine glasses, and do not intentionally portray drinking as a positive or negative activity.  Reeling is probably appropriate for most people 12 years of age and older, but we respect the discretion of parents to make the right choice for their children.  If you have any questions about the content of the show, please call us at 424-229-2141.

(Artistic Director's note: Honestly, if they've ever turned on a TV or even just attended to a Shakespeare play, they'll probably be fine.)