Rococo Baroquo

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Invertigo Dance Theatre, Rococo Baroquo, Los Angeles contemporary dance company, whimsical dance, dance at LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin with the dancers
Danced by: 
Hannah Louise Beavers, SaraAnne Fahey, Sofia Klass, Jodie Mashburn, Kim Thompson
Music by: 
Nabeel Afsar, Shane Kennedy
Costume Design: 
Laura Karlin, Erin Schlabach, Kharen Zeunert

A site-specific work at the iconic Urban Light installation at LACMA.  Rococo Baroquo was inspired by Rococo fashions and vaudevillian interactions.  The costumes featured abstracted formalwear, a giant hoopskirt and a 20-foot-long-wrap-skirt.