Descent of the Docent

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Invertigo Dance Theatre Descent of the Docent, Los Angeles contemporary dance company
Choreographed by: 
Laura Karlin in collaboration with the performers
Danced by: 
Hannah Louise Beavers, Carole Biers, Louie Cornejo, Sofia Klass, Jodie Mashburn, Cody Wilbourn
Music by: 
Toby Karlin
Costume Design: 
Kate Bishop
Bernadette Sullivan (understudy: Erin Schlabach)

In Descent of the Docent, a museum guide (docent) gives the audience a tour of a contemporary dance piece.  But it’s not your normal tour.  The dance talks back, the docent steals the spotlight, the dancers move the docent through space and the “it” we are meant to “get” is transformed, lost, found and changed into the dance itself. It is a playful look at how we understand and interact with art.

Look + Feel:  Quirky, funny, intellectually engaging and poignant. Blends surreal moments into the everyday idea of a museum tour.

Run Time: 40 minutes

Cast: 6 dancers + 1 musician + 1 actor