Falling for Feathers

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Invertigo Dance Theatre, Falling for Feathers, Los Angeles contemporary dance company, whimsical dance
Choreographed by: 
Sofia Klass, with the dancers
Danced by: 
Hannah Louise Beavers, Hugo Diaz, Laura Karlin, Sofia Klass, Chris Smith, (understudy: Cody Wilbourn) (previously also danced by Zoi Tatopoulos)
Music by: 
Alex Schnitzler
Costume Design: 
Kharen Zeunert

Falling for Feathers observes the similarities between the dating and mating patterns of birds and humans.  Five dancers ruffle each others feathers, fly, fight and fall in love, all to an original score blended with narration by David Attenborough.  Will fate or flirting direct love’s course?



Look + Feel:  Funny, romantic, sweet, quirky, high energy, bright.

Appropriate for proscenium, black box, and some site specific spaces
Run Time: 14 minutes
Cast: 5 dancers
Can be performed with either live or pre-recorded music, according to budget